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I don’t know through how many constructions I had to go or are still ahead. I am dreaming.. I am standing in front of you. I came here, I was sent. I am looking back to see what is behind; nothing. There is nothing. I turn back – you are sleeping. Sleep! Don’t feel this wind, this strong wind, cutting thoughts. I could scream, noone would hear. I am touching your head. I hear you breathing. Everything is calm, soon the birds will start to sing and the dragon will arrive to bring me back. Back to a battlefield to face my nightmare. While I’m thinking, I am moving already back with the dragon. And there is the horizon and my sun. And this something else. It. I know it will burn me. But I have enough tears to fight it down, down into the ground. And there is still the strongest warrior.
Tomorrow I need to see Kerstin.


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the fact that I needed some time to write again, here, I have watched a lot of interesting movies.
I will keep it short as I won’t write a review anyway. So I only suggest ‘Sarah’s key’ for today.

Remember remember

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I watch your smile and I remember how nice this world can be as a child.
i love you

One of great teachers

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Mr. Blumenthal is the director of the jewish museum in Berlin. Beside his work for the museum he also writes. It was impressing to listen to a short resumee of his life and his experiences. I have great respect for his definition of ‘Heimat’.
See also here


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10th anniversary of JM


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Fribourg after 1945; almost competely destroyed


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