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Suffocating circle

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It is the 22. of Tamuz in 5774 and I really would like to know what A. Einstein would have said about the traumatic war situation. Maybe we all would have never faced this crisis in Gaza if not so many jewish intellectuals would have been killed during WWII

Albert Einstein

A. Einstein in his apartment, Haberlandstr. 5, Berlin; renamed under the Nazi-Regime, renamed back after the Nazi-Regime.

Are you a fruit?

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Drowning by numbers,

by letters,

by colors.

If not, then drowning by what is left

as a human to think of other words

like anyone else.

This is not a quote.

about film

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Bayerischer Platz

‘Als deutscher Film wird ein Film anerkannt, welcher in Deutschland von deutschen Staatsbürgern deutscher Abstammung hergestellt wurde.’
I think this sign was for me the most disturbing one found around the Bayerischer Platz here in Berlin. Yes, only Germans are allowed to be creative.


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Der ‘Rosa Winkel’ war das Zeichen, mit dem die Nationalsozialisten Homosexuelle in Konzentrationslagern in diffamierender Weise kennzeichneten.


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I don’t know through how many constructions I had to go or are still ahead. I am dreaming.. I am standing in front of you. I came here, I was sent. I am looking back to see what is behind; nothing. There is nothing. I turn back – you are sleeping. Sleep! Don’t feel this wind, this strong wind, cutting thoughts. I could scream, noone would hear. I am touching your head. I hear you breathing. Everything is calm, soon the birds will start to sing and the dragon will arrive to bring me back. Back to a battlefield to face my nightmare. While I’m thinking, I am moving already back with the dragon. And there is the horizon and my sun. And this something else. It. I know it will burn me. But I have enough tears to fight it down, down into the ground. And there is still the strongest warrior.
Tomorrow I need to see Kerstin.

Saw her; she changed her name.


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