Ragib reads – Title of the book: I create

There is a Thinker who wanders through our world, through the biggest forests, through ancient nature. One day the Thinker meets a dragon. This dragon is a special one – it is the gatekeeper from Here to There. It is beautiful and carries the origin of pureness and love. The Thinker is impressed by this dragon and for the first time he feels. It is agony to him.
Days passes and he keeps his eyes haughty.
With a lying tongue he makes the dragon trust.
His heart devises wicked plots – ‘For what?’ the dragon thinks this time.
It knows the thinkers feet are swift to run into mischief.
As a deceitful witness he utters lies.
And then the Thinker decides to sow discord among suns.
Now the sun knows the Thinker will shed innocent blood.
And one night he takes the iris of the dragons left eye and throws it into the univers. The sun stops it from going to far.
‘Grow!’ says the Thinker. And the iris grows to a second sun as big as the original one. The Thinker says ‘You see?’. The real sun answers ‘I created you.’ and waits. Years pass by and the Thinker dies. The dragon stays the gatekeeper and his iris watches the stars.


~ by Goezde on 2009/06/28 Sunday.