For Walther: Ashes to Ashes

Lying in bed – thinking for the first time coming back from a journey without having to pick up Walther somewhere.
walther_2005Saw him on the terrasse – He had a stroke in his left hindleg, or maybe it was the paralyzing pain caused by his kidneys. Or did he fell?
He tried to run towards me – almost there, i was sitting looking at him – couldn’t believe what is coming next.
He fell – He fell on his tooth, on his beautiful long vampire tooth.
I took him on my lap – he was so dizzy from the pain, didn’t know what to do!

I watched – I watched him dying – From moment to moment this life was taken away from him.
And still this grief, I’m trying to run away from it, away from memories.

Hey listen,
listen carefully to the pain
while we are standing here
together we will prosper
– again I tell
listen, listen carefully to the wind
while we are lying on the ground
together we will be one
oh, my fear
again, I hear

– in remembrance of Walther, my precious – died in 2006
We can’t go back in time to change.


~ by Goezde on 2009/06/30 Tuesday.