Ragib and her roses

Well, again we have the topic for dinner. Ragib’s neighbour. We all know that he is a bad person, but nobody is going to change that.
Ragib tells that she went to her roses after coming home from work. They were beautiful, deep red. One was growing through the fence to the neighbours’ territory. It was a special one, bigger, fuller than the others and almost fleshy red. Sure she was afraid that the neighbour will cut it away. eye_intherosesSo she got a scissor and cut a hole into the fence and pulled the rose back to her side. The rose was back in her garden and she even managed to support it with a strong branch. Next day the rose was cut and lying in the neighbours garden.
This was enough – she is always quite when he calls her ‘nigga’, but at least she had to fight for the roses.
So, she rings his doorbell awaiting a hopeless discussion but she is not expecting what he is going to say this time:
– I never promised you a rose garden, but you took my only one.
Ragib doesn’t like disputes, looking from left to right, her thoughts fade away and she starts to remember him… how he touched her.
– My dear I see hate in your eyes from here to there.
– Oh, really is it hate you see, coming to you with a rose,
so beautiful,
that you take away the promise from its garden?
Before he can answer she interrupts:
– May I go now you cut me off!

After this happening, there is a threat to her roses she can feel it and I believe her. And this is what happens next summer: Somebody poisons her roses when she is to France to visit Isabelle, her daughter. The whole story is a crime. A research of the poison forces her to clean out the ground in her garden because of a health risk to humans. Even her house gets contaminated with this strange enzyme.
Yes, the neighbour is bad, but he is so straightforward in his behaviour that we rather assume that somebody else is responsible. But who? Why? Nobody can answer and Ragib is happy that Isabelle is somewhere else with her father.
Years will pass till the new roses will grow to bushes again.


~ by Goezde on 2009/07/02 Thursday.