Ragib tells Caroline her dream

Ragib is out for dinner with Caroline.
– How is it?
– I had a dream. I fell asleep in front of my roses.
– You don’t have many roses at the moment.
– I’ve told you, it was a dream. So, I slip away into the universe, everything is dark around me, everywhere stars. A man passes by, beautiful and in a long dress.
I am hungry and I see that he keeps his hands behind his back. As expected I can choose right or left and I choose the right side. He opens his hand in front of my face and I grab what is there. When I wake up I still have this apple between my knees, got warm already. I walk into the house and stop at the cupboard just behind the veranda door and lay down a key. I know it will be always the wrong one.
– I need to think about it.
– Yes, me too.
They order Tiramisu for dessert.


~ by Goezde on 2009/07/05 Sunday.