#e18: Horst or cook the crimebook

This time we called Horst. He came on tuesday for dinner.
Kerstin: Look, we need your help here. These are all faked letters.
Horst: My dear, you have already three lawyers on this case, this becomes redundant work here for me.
Horst was a very attractive lawyer.
I: Look, this might have nothing to do with the other case. In fact we have here a copyright misuse. Somebody imitates my signature.
Horst: Well, you indeed can make a special case out of it but the murderthreat has a higher priority or not?
Caroline: But is this not more than a casual copyright issue? I mean, not only that somebody steals my identity, he also threats somebody in my name.
Horst: Well, I won’t go for this. The only thing I will do for you here is to give it to the laboratory and you’ll get a proper report of the analyses. All I need are your passports and recent proofs of your signatures and handwritings.
We all knew that Horst was already too much involved as a friend.


~ by Goezde on 2009/08/01 Saturday.