#e2 Ragib reads – Title of the book: I create

The dragon opened the gate. Slowly moving, the worst of all nightmares passed to Here. The dragons’ iris watching the stars turned around and gazed at the eldest acardiac.
The same he will ask – this the dragon knew.
‘My love why do you let me in?’
The same the dragon would answer again and again:
‘M’lord all are calling for you, Here.’
Herewith the ancient game would start – war between Here and There.
Only this time there would be a change to the eldest saga:
The sun assigns the dragon a third iris and sends him to There.
Ragib couldn’t go on reading. I was at her place and watching tv.
Ragib: I think I’m going to bed. Did you hear something from Caroline?
I: Nope. But Ariel called and said that she’ll pass by this week.
Ragib: Nice. Sleep tight.
I also moved into my little guest room, three stairs down. Only glass between me and the garden. From the bed i had full sight to anything creeping out there. I couldn’t sleep…
Staring at the garden I finally saw him. He was crouching on the right side between the plants. I was hypnotized by his flamy eyes, his misshapen and horned head. I was smiling and thinking:
Hey, why did you come to me? You are just a picture.
On sudden he was answering:
‘You should have respect for all gods.’
– I: Oh, I have. Still the picture of your godness I do not accept. Wait, I would say I don’t understand.
The plants around him faded.
– I: Look, the plants I will check tomorrow again, ok? Or maybe I should come outside now.
And I moved. He also moved and got up. He was big, fleshy…
‘Maybe I am in the wrong movie’ I thought, and walked outside. A crow was screaming somewhere and the plants were really dead. He was reaching for me with his hand…
– ‘Wake up….. just relax, pssssst!!!’ Ragib was sitting next to me, stroking my cheek.
I: I…I…I saw it…
Ragib: I know, the plants are dead and all roses too.


~ by Goezde on 2009/08/03 Monday.