#e6: Night II

Well again, Ragib was reading and I was watching TV, like the first night. I call it ´first night´ because something had started yesterday.
I must have fallen asleep, when I slip into the next nightmare to meet this creature outside in the rotten garden.
– He tries to touch me. I jump on him and rip off his horns. While two new ones grow, I join the others together in the shape of the letter S. Maybe I don´t have any chance, but I pull off the new ones and stick all together.
´Oh god, oh god, Jesus Christ Superstar – I am not religious…. I am not religious…..It is a nightmare, just a nightmare…´
I see new horns on his ´kind of head´ and him or whatever moving towards me, when I point at the fullmoon. He just turns away his head when I push my cross of horns through his chest and place it there, where his heart should be. He is standing in front of me, the flames in his eyes almost dissapeared, I run inside, him behind me.
But he stops on sudden, staring at a key. I move behind him. At the same time we both are watching his new swastika in the mirror. Fast he grabs the key and dissolves in the night. –
I have almost no energy left and fall asleep in the living room, hoping to not meet this nightmare ever again.


~ by Goezde on 2009/08/10 Monday.