#e7: The photograph

Things went wrong the passed weeks. After having such nightmares, I left back home. Caroline´s checkup brought to light that she was poisoned with the same substance like they found in the garden. Hereafter they researched the house to find out that even every room and all material were poisened. Nobody could live there anyway, till they would´ve sanitized everything. And the garden was a big project. They had to clean out the earth.
Luckily, Ragib could live in a big house with Horst and his partner Louis. Isabelle was with her father. Everything seemed to get quiet till Horst got a letter with a faked photograph, showing Ragib with her ex-neighbour, who lived on her right side. It was actually a mean woman, who was after her husband, long before Isabelle was born.


~ by Goezde on 2009/08/11 Tuesday.