Ragib reads – Title of the book: I create

The arcadiac moved towards the gate, where the dragon was waiting for him.
´Well my dear, here I am. And look what I´ve got!´
´M´Lord neither here or there you will be.´the dragon said.
The worst of all nightmares were holding a key, glazing for just a moment in a shaft of sunlight.
This moment was dictating the shapes to come:
´M´Lord you mistaken, there is only one!
You entered the mortal world,
neither you get away,
nor allowed here and there to stay.´
´Oh, my Livyathan, then you´ll go with me.´

On the suns sign the dragon infolded the arcadiac into a fireball and said:
´I am the one and not lonely,
and you have no other choice than face parley.´
The nightmare was burning down the woods when he moved towards the sea.


~ by Goezde on 2009/08/22 Saturday.