#E34 Ragib: Having dinner at her place

Ragib is still reading her book “I create”. I am busy with a new project. The roses are back, the neighbour died and the strange stalking woman disappeared.

We are preparing dinner, just for us. She really can cook. I watch her frying some vegetables, cooling it with fresh lemon juice and then adding some cream.
I: – What about Horst?
R: – They broke up.
I: – Why?
I am just washing the salad when I see something moving in the garden between the roses and this fuckin´ nightmare pops up in my mind. I can´t breathe, so I take three plates and smash them against the wall. Through the ear-battering noise I hear Kerstin screaming.
R: – Stoooooooooop it! For god´s sake what´s going on?
Gasping for air I freeze hearing her voice.
I: – I couldn´t breathe. This fuckin´ nightmare.
R: – Oh, is this it? Oh, nightmare – oh, nightmare will you marry me?
Waking slowly up, I answer: – You make it worse! Now you stop!
What are you joking, like… ´Oh remember, remember the 5th of november..´
R: – Well, this is your other nightmare you married too, right?
I: – Stop. Don´t yell on me! This is more than psychology-shit! You know what happened in november -I lost my love!
R: – If you feel that guilty that you let him take the key – then I´ve got the solution for you!: He didn´t take the right key. Listen to me! It was a similar one I´ve got before on a damn fleemarket, because I knew that somebody would come after it.
With my mouth open I was staring at her.
I: – It!
R: – What it?
I: – It took a key! Not him.
R: – Anyway. You can´t loose love.
Go into your room and calm down a bit. I will clean this up here.
I: – Don´t talk to me like you were my mother!
Now, listen to me: I want you to move out of this house. Forget your roses!

Ragip knew that I was right.


~ by Goezde on 2010/06/21 Monday.