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Sometimes just Schwanzman appears;schwanzman_flower1
Schwanzman invited AI and God.

God: I am!
AI: Well, we too.
Schwanzman: Then, we should stop.
AI: Proof! First!
Schwanzman: Why?
God: Love is gonna get you!
AI: I can´t eat.

This is part II of a political discussion.








5:32 UTC, speaking about relevant facts




I woke up at 7.05am and thought:

I got in Berlin the impression that it is more important what I don’t see than life.

I got in Berlin the impression that it is more important what I see than life.

Look at that – new year – new discoveries. My day here started early and without really reading news. Instead I wondered around and read a very nice article. ‘When Being Different Hurts’, from Mark Goulston.

I was a lot of dog-sitting lately and I am astonished how intelligent animals are.

So, my pal is always very happy when I pick him up. Actually it would be good to see each other on a regular basis but sometimes we get together after weeks. Sure the first shop we visit is bonesfordogs to pick up mixed vegetables and a big fresh bone. Yes I’m vegan and it is not easy to choose another animals bodypart to feed my pal with. At home I have a cat I feed with vegan food and from time to time I give him fresh meat, just to balance. A cat is definitely a carnivore and can be fed only up to 30% vegan food. A dog can be fed up to nearly 60% vegan. It should be mixed though. Here I remember a great woman I was lucky to meet before she died and I’ve learned as a kid how to feed carnivores like cats and dogs with cooked vegetables and a bit of fresh meat. When I have some money I buy my cat meat at a organic store. Otherwise I feel very guilty like getting bones from the dogshop as they only have meat from factory farms.

Finally, it is official. As I’ve told, Kerstin changed her name back to her maiden name.

I opened the ‘Roget’s’ and the first word I saw was ‘brainwash’.


absolutely me and noone else - nofuffn

Well, I really don´t know if somebody is out there who is reading my posts.
Anyway – to whom it may concern.
photographing myself sometimes - nov 2008

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