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I started ‘nofuffn’ in 2006. This page shows my art fotografies and studies. Finally in february 2008 I could expose one fotografy study of ‘Cyclamen Hederifolium’ in Filmhuis Cavia in Amsterdam.

My art and fotografy are mirroring a detail research a friend describes for my second exposition in Amsterdam, in the Galery100
engl. translation: Painting with the Camera

Gözde Tekdal (Istanbul, 1969) lived in the Ruhr area of Germany from 1979 onwards and for the last few years has been active in Amsterdam as a visual artist. In the months of May and June she is exhibiting a series of photos on paper and linen, sometimes digitally processed and/or painted in oils. woodenscream

One of the series of photos consists of shots of three-cornered yellow- and white-painted nuts on a yellow- and white-painted tabletop. Through overexposure the colours, forms and shadows are changed into all different shades of blue. Because of the blurred shots, the nuts–not recognizable as such any more–seem to be submerged in their environment. The compositions formed out of them summon up images of herds of buffaloes that are crossing a river with only their heads above water, flocks of birds under blue sheets, and wrinkles on the beach. A close-up of a gas ring burning under a saucepan, printed on canvas, gains the allure of a pillared city under a dramatically swirling layer of clouds, lit up from below by a late sun, as on a painting in chiaroscuro. There is room for imagination. The skyline of angles at the edge of the gas-burner cover forms a megalithic row of stones, a castle wall, or a row of poles sticking up out of the water; but it mainly remains a detail with a cosmic aura, the large scale visibly created in miniature. yesterday

Wooden Scream, at first sight an expressionist painting, displays a toothless face built up of wood grain. The same procedure applies to Omarming (Embrace), where a woman embraces a black hole in a burnt out forest. They are manipulated photos printed on canvas, which in form and approach to colour convey a pictorial language based on the art of painting. An abstract composition of grains and shadows on a wooden floor becomes brush strokes on a fundamental painting.

Gözde Tekdal applies different techniques and integrates various interpretational possibilities. She is concerned with syntheses. Do you see what you think you would see regarding material and depiction? Is it a photo or a painting, a cosmos or a grain of sand, or both?

from 13 May to 30 June 2009 in Zaal 100

Aja Waalwijk 2009

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Fotografy study of ‘Cyclamen Hederifolium’ in Filmhuis Cavia in february 2008
Als ik kijk zie ik altijd details.
Details, die mijn gevoel weerspiegelen.
En daar komen andere details bij;
Een film, een perspectief, een foto –
maar wat kan groeien tot schoonheid heeft altijd gelijk.
En dat zonder details.